Ancient Precepts, Modern Concepts

Values That Shape the World

EXTRAORDINARY, MEMORABLE. An extraordinary, memorable, and touching book that offers a journey of personal faith and discovery that would make a fine gift for our friends but, perhaps more importantly, for our enemies. May we be so wise as Faye Lincoln.

Martin Barillas, Times of Israel


Cultural ethicist Faye Lincoln's first book of insight is Values that Shape the World: Ancient Precepts, Modern Concepts. In her work, Lincoln dissects and intersects millennia of history in the context of the Judeo-Christian principles that have driven and continue to drive the evolution and revolution of today’s highly-volatile world. Lincoln views Biblical history through her second generation Holocaust experience. The breakout book hit Amazon's Top 10 in two vital categories, both "Jewish History" and "Christian Commentaries." Values that Shape the World was submitted for Pulitzer nomination.

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What People are Saying...

POWERFUL. In Values That Shape The World, author Faye Lincoln delivers a powerful and detailed grasp of Biblical ethics and how they have shaped—and continue to shape—our world through the ages. This is a book many need right now and that many will benefit from.

Edwin Black, author of IBM and the Holocaust

UPLIFTING. At a time when Biblical values are being overturned and discarded, Faye Lincoln’s Values That Shape the World provides an uplifting reminder of how we got here, and of the eternal truths we need to grasp moving forward in peace and strength.

Erick Stakelbeck, host of The Watchman

About the Author

Cultural ethicist Faye Lincoln has worked in high-level public policy and government relations for three decades, focusing on the effects of converging religious, political, and economic structures of society and culture of the Middle East and Europe.